Polocrosse – King of the One Horse Sports

Polocrosse has long been known as the “King of the One Horse Sports”.  Having originated in Australia (indeed in New South Wales) in 1939, we are proud to call it an Australian made game, which is now played Internationally.   Polocrosse is an action-packed, team sport often referred to as Rugby on horseback. It is a family orientated sport with grades to cater for all levels of ability from the novice through to highly experienced and competitive riders. Polocrosse is unique in that it is a sport in which the whole family can play at the one event, often in the same team. Players range from 5 Years of age through to just over 80.

The Polocrosse Association of NSW aims to provide players and supporters with all the information you need to get the most out of polocrosse.  Our website also contains useful information for people interested in learning more about polocrosse.  This site is regularly updated with the latest news, upcoming events .