Paramedic Services for NSW Polocrosse 2019

PA NSW intend to review the list of Service providers for paramedic service to ensure ongoing compliance and to keep up to date with changes to relevant legislation.

We are aware of changes for AHPRA registration of paramedics which will come into force on 1st December 2018. We will therefore be requiring our accredited service providers to send Clubs a copy of their paramedics AHPRA registration and copy of Certificate of Drug License 10 days before any  booked carnival/event you may being covering.

Current providers should provide updated information on the  application form by 20th December 2018.

We are also seeking applications from any additional paramedic service providers who can provide us with the services required, to ensure we continue to achieve the best possible service for our members at a cost effective price.

To be credentialed, your organisation will therefore need to
complete an application form and ensure all necessary information is updated and attached to the application.

Please Note: PA NSW reserves the right to independently verify, as far as the laws allow, any or all statements and claims made by organisations seeking to be credentialed with us.

For more information or an application form please email: [email protected]