NSW Prize winners at Nationals

Best Presented state on parade- NSW 


Best 2- Charlie French

Junior mixed-

Best 1- Oliver Greentree

Best 2- Tom Donnelly

Best 3- Riley Jones

Best horse and rider- Oliver Greentree on Greentrees Little Petit

Best ASH- Oliver Greentree- Greentrees Little Petit

Junior girls-

Best 1- Makayla Elford

Best 2- Emma Piltz

Best 3- Gemma Stuart

Best horse and rider- Gemma Stuart on Future Dori

Best ASH- Gemma Stuart- Future Dori

Junior Boys-

Best 2- Cameron Frear

Best 3- Dan Trembath

Best ASH- Dan Trembath- Silverhills Perla

Intermediate Mixed-

Best 1- Nikola Holz

Best ASH- Nathan Shea- Federal Park Trek

Intermediate Women-

Best 1- Josie Wilson

Best 3- Felicity Elford

Best horse and rider- Felicity Elford on Ocean China

Best ASH- Felicity Elford- Ocean China

Intermediate Mens-

Best 1- Mitch Wamsley

Best 2- Tom O’Brien

Best 3- Hugh Anderson

Best horse and rider- Hugh Anderson on Condover Regas Ransom

Best ASH- Mitch Wamsley- Efficient

Masters Women-

Best 2- Tanya Mulligan

Best ASH- Kaylene Wilson- Maincamp Dreamer

Masters Men-

Best 1- Lachlan Melbourne

Best 3- Gary Stevenson

Best horse and rider- Lachlan Melbourne on Hamish

Terry Blake Overall Masters Champion Horse- Lachlan Melbourne on Hamish

Open Mixed-

Best 3- Isla Young

Best ASH- Laura Beer- Wayerri Silhoutte

Senior Mens-

Best 1- Jim Grills

Best 2- Abbott Grills

Best 3- Will Weston

Best horse and rider- Abbot Grills on Berragoon Percussion

Best ASH- Abbot Grills- Berragoon Percussion

Overall Prizes

Best overall Junior- Gemma Stuart

Best overall Intermediate- Tom O’Brien

Best overall Male Player- Will Weston

Best overall Horse- Abbott Grills- Berragoon Percussion

Best overall ASH- Abbott Grills- Berragoon Percussion

Best overall horse and rider- Abbott Grills on Berragoon Percussion


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Results from Nationals 2018- NSW in every final

Congratulations to ALL involved in getting such a great squad of players and horses safely over to WA to represent our great state.

Senior Mens Competition

Winners NSW 40

Runners up QLD 18

Senior Women Competition

Winners QLD 28

Runners up NSW 15

Senior Mixed Competition

Winners QLD 27

Runners up NSW 16

 Under 21 Mens Competition

Winners NSW 31

Runners up WA 21

Under 21 Womens Competition

Winners QLD 16

Runners up NSW 15

 Under 21 Mixed Competition

Winners NSW 21

Runners up VIC 13

 U16 Junior Boys Competition

Winners NSW 27

Runners up VIC 17

 U16 Junior Girls Competition

Winners NSW 26

Runners up WA 10

 U16 Junior Mixed Competition

Winners NSW 22

Runners up QLD 15

Masters Mens Competition

Winners NSW 26

Runners up QLD 20

 Masters Womens Competition

Winners WA 23

Runners up NSW 17

Under 12 Junior Competition

Winners VIC 15

Runners up NSW 13


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