Blue Bandage Polocrosse (BBP)

Following on from a meeting held in Brisbane recently, the concept of Blue Bandage Polocrosse (BBP) was discussed at length by the PAA Board, PAA Councillors and the SEOs’ who were in attendance.

The overall objective is to drive our playing numbers and make it easy for new members to come and try our game as a Non-Contact sport.

The PAA is committed to grass roots polocrosse and the BBP is an avenue to drive participation. Each state will receive a BBP starter kit provided by the PAA at no cost to the state and they will be available late December, depending on stock coming in.

The starter kit will consist of:
6 beginner polox racquets
6 sets of blue bandages
6 sets of bell boots
3 polox balls
A3 Registration flyer
Re-order stock form with contacts
Copies of the video Polocrosse – The Australian Story

The PAA is currently working on the domain name of with a landing page and a link to the PAA website. With this link there will be a registration form for potential new members to down load and take along to a host club. There will also be a link back to the individual states.

South Australia have already indicated they are very keen to run a BBP day in January. If there are any other states or zones who want to put their hand up, please let us know.

For BBP to work, we all need to work together as a team and ideas or any feedback on how to make this better would be very much appreciated.