A letter from Arch Anderson, President PA NSW


After much deliberation the NSW Polocrosse fee structure has been set for the coming year. The NSW Board are extremely conscious of the dwindling number of participants, in particular new members, in our sport. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on families and hopefully encourage increased participation, a heavily subsidised and discounted membership fee has been set for 2019.
If long term reduction in joining fees is to be achieved there are key targets that must be achieved. We ask that all clubs/zones please put real consideration to the following.

Fees charged to members are made up of the following components –
1. PAA membership charges. This includes a levy to cover compulsory insurance charges. The PAA is heavily reliant on grant funding from Australian government. Whilst ever our membership numbers nationally are below 5000 this funding is reduced dramatically. Please join all volunteers/social members via the database to your clubs. The PAA draw all membership data and statistics from the database. We need to register all players/non- players involved in our sporting community correctly. Let’s help get our national membership over 5000. As at 30 November there were 2889 playing and 564 non-playing members registered nationally on the database.
2. World Cup Levy. The PAA has imposed a levy of $11/year on every playing member for the period 2016-2019.
3. NSW membership charges. Our charges cover the day to day cost of managing our state organisation including SEO salary, contributions to Zone and Club Championships, management of coaching and umpiring, promotion, etc. In consideration of the decline in numbers and in an effort to improve this, we have heavily discounted the fee for 2019. We ask all zones and clubs in NSW show support for our efforts by considering waiving their own membership fees in 2019. Our aim is that senior fees not exceed $500 and junior fees not exceed $300.

Success in reviving participation across our state is pivotal on the co-operation and success of our local clubs and grass roots members. During this sustained period of drought we hope these measures are of assistance. Best wishes to all members for a happy, safe and successful 2019 polocrosse season.

Arch Anderson
On behalf of NSW Board

2019 Fee Schedule PAA Component World Cup Levy 2018 NSW Fee 2019 NSW Discount 2019 Fee Club Fee to be added Zone Fee to be added Total
Senior unlimited   338 11 185 -39 495
Inters unlimited   338 11 148 -37 460
Junior unlimited   294 11 74 -79 300
Subbies  unlimited   294 11 74 -79 300
Limited – 3 Carnivals   335 11 32 7 385
Limited – 1 Carnival   180 11 0 9 200
Trial  Practice Only   65 0 0 0 65
Blue Bandage only   60 0 0 5 65
1st Year Senior unlimited   338 11 74 -3 420