Moss Vale

“Our club started in 1988 by Hal O’Donnell with the help of Gary Lidgard.  While we are not the biggest club around, we are definitely one of the friendliest, together with an emphasis on family makes us a great club to join, especially if you are just starting out.  We hold our annual tournament in Autumn.  The weekend consists of canteen and bar services all weekend, with dancing and entertainment on Saturday night.

Please contact our club secretary if you are interested in learning the great sport of polocrosse”.

Club Colours

Moss Vale Club Shirt

Club Grounds

Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park 
(Southern Entrance) 
74 Sheathers Lane 
Grasmere NSW 2570

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Moss Vale Office Bearers

Brenton Ward
0421 929 358
Debbie Reid
0407 267 713
Kirsten Blyton
0422 419 820