Player safety – Insurance Matters

Ok so lets cut to the chase!  Most of us treat insurance like the inflatable life jacket under the seat on an aeroplane.  You know it’s there but the chance of needing is zip because hey it’s not like you plan on needing it!  And (like the life jacket) when you need it you want it instantly and don’t give a damn about instructions! 

The point is this, like every other part of life, accidents happen at polocrosse.  They happen on the field and they happen off the field.  The better we all understand our insurance and what causes us to use it the better informed we are.  All members are encouraged to do their part in ensuring our insurance system works as best it can.  Read about it, let the State know if something can be improved and when filling out paperwork please take the time to put in as much detail as you can.  If you’re not that great at writing get someone who is to give you a hand.  No one likes doing paperwork but doing it properly and accurately could mean the difference between someone getting their medical expenses covered or not.  Good reporting may also help get a rule changed that helps prevent future accidents.

INDUCTION TRAINING :  every year !

PA NSW introduced mandatory Induction training for all players in the 2016 season. This training must be provided to all players in the lead up to each playing season.

It is designed to reduce accidents through the promotion of safety awareness. In the long term we also aim to reduce our insurance premiums, and encourage increased participation, by making our sport safer.  The package is attached for your action.  Any Feedback on the Information provided or the presentation itself is welcome.

Induction Presentation – 2018

NSW Polocrosse CofC  NSW Certificate of currency for 2020

PA Schedule 2020 insurance

Blend Sports Group Personal Accident Insurance – Blend.SGPA.1019 (1)[1]

Insurance Claim form for 2020- CSN-Sport-Injury-Claim-Form-2020-Polocrosse (1) 


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