Funding and Grants

Grant to Improve Grounds in NSW

Improving NSW Polocrosse Grounds – 2018

PA NSW has successfully applied for Grant funding from the NSW Office of Sport.

Funds have been provided to:
-Conduct a targeted series of competitions and forums across regional NSW focused on increasing female participation in polocrosse across three key dimensions: playing, officiating and leading.

-Provide female specific developmental pathways targeting player development. To include female specific tournaments & clinics where less skilled/new players are mentored, encouraged, coached by leading experts in their respective fields.

-Development and promotion of age and ability appropriate participation opportunities enabling females to not only choose how they contribute (Player, Official, President etc) but also feel valued and empowered.

-Conduct of forums to discuss contemporary issues challenging females including self-esteem, challenges for rural women, positive body image, wellbeing initiatives, unconscious bias, life skills. 

PA NSW are therefore offering Grants to Clubs and Zones to conduct activities that are in line with our agreement with the NSW Government. Attached is a brief Application form to receive funding under this Grant.

When making your application and planning you event please consider how your initiatives can meet the objectives outlined above.

Completion and Outcomes Report
If you are successful in being allocated Grant funding, you will need to submit a brief report on the outcome of the event or initiatives and provide an acquittal of all funds received.

Please note, all activities need to be undertaken and all funds expended by June 2020.

The Application Form is below:

2019 PANSW Grant