Fees for 2019


From 2018 fees can only be paid using the online database and a credit card.

After paying your Club and Zone Fees, your Club Treasurer marks you off as Financial.  You then need to Log into the Database and follow the prompts.  Any problems, check with your Club Treasurer first.

Do not transfer funds directly into the PA NSW bank account.

The amounts shown below are the total of the NSW State, PAA and Insurance Fees payable on the Data base, after your Club and Zone fees. The PA NSW has tired to reduce the financial burden on the players of our game and have subsidised and discounted NSW membership for 2019.

Senior  $495

Intermediate  $460

Junior  $300

Sub-Junior  $300

Limited  $385 (3 carnivals + unlimited practices)

Trial  $65- practice only (for new members only)

One Carnival  $200  (1 carnival + unlimited practices)

Blue Banadage only $60 (Blue Bandage practice/games only)

First year senior unlimited $420

Application for Refund of fees.  In some circumstances PANSW will refund the NSW component of fees.  Details on the NSW refund policy can be obtained from the SEO.