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Thought of running a Top Gun Coaching Clinic ?

The PAA have introduced a new Coaching program called “Top Gun”.  It is open to anyone, and while the coaches may be top gun, the participants can be of any ability.

Please see links below which provide more information and how to go about hosting an event.

Top Gun Coaching Clinic Information 2020 Top Gun Coaching Clinic Request Form 2020



This was established by the PAA in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission and is designed as a guide for our coaches.  The main aim in all coaching is to help our athletes achieve their maximum potential which in turn will enable them to enjoy their chosen sport.  The National coaching scheme comprises three levels of coaching accreditation:

Level 1. This is an introductory level designed to provide coaches with the necessary skills to coach beginner or novice players as well as coach and prepare coaching programs for club level. It is also used for coaches coaching in Pony Club situations.

Level 2. This is designed for coaches who wish to improve their skills level and move to more advanced coaching levels.

Level 3. This is the PAA’s highest level of accreditation and involves coaches in advanced theory and instructional management.


The skills and instructional ideas that you learn by completing an accreditation course are invaluable in your coaching activities. They aid both you but more particularly aid your people that you are coaching.

On the legal side there are a couple of aspects to the need for attaining accreditation.

Firstly there are a number of legal requirements for people working with children, ethnic groups, disabled people etc. In the case of those working with children (and this particularly applies in Polocrosse) requirements under the “working with kids” laws must be complied with.

Secondly in this age where people seek restitution through legal remedies (in other words people are just too wiling to sue others if something goes wrong!) it is imperative that coaches are insured. By being accredited as a coach and retaining your financial membership of the Association you receive such insurance cover under the PAA’s policies.


Level 1 Accreditation.  There are two components to a coaching accreditation course. These are the general principles of coaching and the sports specific aspect. The general principles segment must be completed successfully before you can progress to the sport specific section.

General Principles: This is common to all sports under the National accreditation scheme.  The course is an on line computer based course and is accessed at The course is completed at your own speed and can be completed over as long a period as you require. Should you believe a mentor would assist then contact your zone or state coaching director and they will organise assistance. In the “on line” system this is called “Beginning Coaching”

Sport Specific: This is conducted by your sport which in our case is Polocrosse. You must fulfil certain criteria and be recommended to the State Coaching Director. Details of requirements are available on the PAA web site at You must have successfully completed the general principles component. Sport specific courses are conducted on an as required basis and normally are run for upward of 7 participants. Your zone or state coaching director would normally be able to tell you if a course is planned for the near future. In the past a course has been conducted each year. Once successful in the theory part of the course you are then required to complete a supervised coaching session before accreditation is confirmed. This practical session must be completed within12 months of your sports specific course.


Level 2 Accreditation.  Like level 1 you have both general principles which are completed on line and sports specific which is normally conducted by the PAA at the AIS in Canberra. You must meet certain requirements before proceeding to level 2 and again these are available on the PAA web site In the “on line” system the general principles are called “Intermediate Coaching”

 Level 3 Accreditation.  To date only one such course has been run and is based largely on university based courses. It is normally by invitation and is extremely comprehensive.

NO. As shown above you leave yourself open to legal issues and in worst case scenarios legal action where you would be uninsured.