International Exchanges

The Polocrosse Association of NSW has been successfully participating in international tours and exchanges for many decades. Over the years the number of tours and exchanges has grown to potentially as many as 7 in and out bound tours or exchanges in a year.

Jan/Feb – U16 boy & girl to NZ for junior exchange
This exchange is always enjoyed by the two exchange players who travel to NZ for nearly a month.  Not only do they get to experience some amazing Polocrosse but they develop life long friends and experience a different culture.  Players lucky enough to go on exchange agree that it is an experience they will not forget.

May       – U21 NSW and NZ  Trans Tasman Challenge
A hotly contested competition between the two Nations, this long running competition is played in both NZ and Australia in alternating years.

June/July U16 NSW mixed junior team  with the  USA
The APA has been running since 1993 and the relationship developed between the two countries to allow players to experience Polocrosse in a different country playing under different rules.  This trip usually lasts for approximately 3 weeks and includes a Coach and Manager.  This competition is run in both Australia and USA in alternating years.

June/July – U16, 2 NZ players to NSW for 3 carnivals (other half of junior exchange in Jan/feb)

June/July – U21 3 USA players to NSW

This is  similar to the NZ exchange where the players stay with host families and experience life and Polocrosse in Australia.

If you are interested in taking part, or hosting any of these events, we have produced a guide to help.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the International Liaison Officer – Arch Anderson – 02 6747 1387.

International Event Guide